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Insurance for water sports schools, instructors and tour operators

Schools and instructors have special insurance requirements. Generally speaking the normal standard products from the insurance industry don't provide adequate coverage. Which is why SüdwestRing has developed a special insurance concept, working in close cooperation with the relevant associations.

For quotations, contract questions and making claims:
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Types of insurance available:

    for schools
    School equipment, fixtures and fittings Boat insurance


General liability insurance

Why should I take out liability insurance?
Accidental damage to property or injury to an individual can happen very quickly in the world of sport. Liability insurance protects you from claims from a third party.

for schools:

A school can take out public liability insurance to meet its needs from our building-block system, for all areas of activity carried out at a watersports school: instruction in use + hire of sailing/motorboats, catamarans, windsurfing und kitesurfing.

Individual modules available from us:
Third-party insurance for self-employed staff (so instructors who are not employees do not have to take out their own professional liability insurance)
Personal liability of students
Liability insurance for boats
Liability insurance for events, excursions
Generell Schutz in ganz Europa und für Segeltörns weltweit.
General protection throughout Europe and global protection for sailing trips. Schools outside Europe are insured at their respective school sites (named in the policy)
All schools can be insured except those in the USA und Canada.
Additional risks that can also be covered by insurance: towing on the water (waterskiing, banana boat, tube), bike hire, parasailing ... (just get in touch and ask us)
We'll be happy to provide you with a individually prepared quotation.

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Property Insurance

Physical damage and inventory insurance for watersports schools and clubs

... Your fleet of boats are washed up on shore by a storm and destroyed

...your boathouse is broken into and tools, outboard engines and most of your school equipment is stolen

... a short-circuit results in your entire inventory going up in smoke Who's going to pay for the replacement

With our new general policy you no longer need to have a variety of property insurance policies. You can now insure against existence risks. Damage, office and inventory insurance are covered by the insurance.

Items insured
School and hire vessels, windsurfing and kitesurfing apparatus, rescue boats, sails/rigs, wet- and drysuits, training material, tools, office and store fixtures and fittings etc.

Risks insured
Fire, lightning, explosion,
Mains water
Force majeure, unforeseeable emergencies
Storm and hail
Transport accident
Collision with watercraft
Theft of boats and equipment ashore and on the water

Building with solid walls and a solid roof
Steel container
Steel cage with solid steel bars/rods. The contents of the cage must be protected from view by side panels. Removal of the insured contents of the cage by pulling them out above ground level or by digging through under the cage must be impeded.
Boats in the open and on the water

Sum insured
The sum insured for sailing boats and motor boats is the current replacement value and is an incontestable value. For all other school equipment, fixtures and fittings, the current replacement value applies for the first 5 years and thereafter the written down replacement value applies and is an incontestable value.

No claims bonus, excess
With a no claims bonus of up to 60% (after 5 years) and varying levels of excess, of €500, €1,000, €2,500 and €5,000, you can considerably reduce the premium payable, limiting your insurance protection to major risks that threaten the continued existence of your business.

We would be happy to advise you in person or by phone, and provide you with an individually tailored quotation. Give us a call or fill out the questionnaire for a quote.

Check list to calculate the sum to be insured
QUESTIONNAIRE on risks for inventory and physical damage insurance
Application/order to cover for physical injury and inventory insurance

Boat Insurance

Public Libality insurance for sailing and motor boats

To enable us to provide with a quotation would you please send us more detailed information us to the type of boats, waters where they operate, sail area in square meters, PS/KW where applicable, maximum speed. Once we have recieved this we will prepare and send you a specially tailored quotation.

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Health insurance

Why bother with health insurance?
You never know when you might have to go to hospital or need dental treatment. Operations are usually expensive and overstretch the finances. That's why we have suitable alternatives for you:


Overseas health insurance + protection during short-term stays at home

For people who don't have any parallel coverage at home in Germany.

For VDWS members there are a number of choices available. See below for a sample extract from the services available:

Description of services

100% outpatient treatment
100% medicine, treatment and surgical dressings
100% unlimited dental treatment (simple execution, no inlays, Onlys)
80% dental prosthesis up to a total of €2,000 within 2 years (€3,000 within 3 years, from year 4 €4,000) - qualifying period 8 months
100 % inpatient treatment as private patient in two-bed room (pregnancy - qualifying period 8 months)
Transport to the nearest hospital
Medically necessitated repatriation from abroad to Germany and transport in the case of death (max. €5,000 within Europe, €10,000 from the rest of the world)

General terms and conditions

The contract can be can be cancelled at 14 days notice before the end of a month. Insurance available to both German and non-German applicants
The contract cannot be extended beyond the insurant`s 65th birthday.
No medical required (however pre-existing medical conditions at the time of taking out the insurance are excluded)

Insurance protection for temporary return to Germany of up to 6 months a year

Visits to USA/Canada for up to 1 month without Wohnsitznahme are also insured

Premium VDWS member:
excluding USA/Canada 146,00 € Annual excess 0,00 €

Premium family members (e.g. children, husband or wife):
excluding USA/Canada 392,00 € Annual excess 0,00 €

Surcharge for payment by credit card (Visa, EC/MC, Diners Club) 6%, premium inc. USA/Canada on request

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